What is volunteering?

VOLUNTEERING is an uncompelled, free, conscious activity for the benefit of others, going beyond family-friends relations.

Everyone has the right to volunteer, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, political opinion, age or health.

Volunteering gives you a chance to use your own skills and experiences, make friends and get involved in society.

Someone once said: Volunteers are selfish people who take pleasure in helping. *

It is very possible that this is true, because everything they do is done for the benefit of the recipients of their activities, but also with unearthly satisfaction for themselves!

Volunteers are people who selflessly help others. Thanks to this, they feel they live more fully and beautifully. They become more responsible, sensitive and gain experience and understanding of the world that no school will give them. Sometimes they feel helpless and powerless, but they cannot imagine their life without helping others.

* Read more: http://www.gloswielkopolski.pl/artykul/3682420,wolontariusze-to-egoisci-ktorzy-z-pomagania-czerpia-przyjemnosc,id,t.html

What is European Voluntary Service?

The European Voluntary Service is part of the European Solidarity Corps.

It enables organizations to send young people as volunteers to help with various foreign projects (ecological, social, cultural) and to host volunteers from other European countries in already existing non-profit organizations and institutions in Poland.

Volunteering is a chance for adult young Poles to go abroad and gain invaluable experience during the project implementation.

More information can be found at www.eks.org.pl