The Nursing Home of the Baptist Church in Bialystok is an organization of the Baptist Church of Poland. As a charitable institution it provides services to all people who need care and support.
The main goals of the Nursing Home are:
  • Providing permanent or temporary residence to eldery citizens lacking adequate assistance;
  • Providing permanent or temporary residence to people with special needs, inveterately ill or requiring constant care;
  • Providing equitable residence conditions;
  • Providing round-the-clock medical care:
  • Weekly medical checkups by a doctor working in The Nursing Home;
  • Nurses work in shifts, which allows our residents to contact them and articulate their needs any time they want;
  • We also provide transport to policlinics and hospitals required by the needs of our residents;
  • Providing around the clock nurse care;
  • Providing four times a day balanced home cooked meals meeting dietary restrictions;
  • Securing religious needs of our residents according to their churches’ practice and teaching.